About fetech

FE tech has a simple set of goals

  • Increase Awareness of Learning Technology Systems, services and best practice
  • Create connections
  • Accelerate trade.

What is fetech?

FE-Tech is a website designed to help further education (FE) providers find the right learning technology solutions that are designed for our industry.

The organisation is a community of learning technology product comparison, latest news and trends from industry expert voices which is meaningful for the Further Education sector.

It acts as a hub where all learning technology providers can present their products to the right decision makers all in an area that is dedicated to learning technology specifically for Further Education.


The pandemic has created a further explosion in learning technology, in what was an already growing industry.

There is currently no dedicated portal or site where Further Education employees responsible for the use or implementation of learning technology can search for the most appropriate solution for their industry.

FE Tech can be the hub for learning technology. Not only can it provide accurate and up to date information of all learning technology solutions for the FE market, but it can be the voice for new innovation and thought leadership instead of it being lost into generalist sites for education.

Whether providing apprenticeships, adult learning, advanced learner loans or 16-19 provision – this site is dedicated so employees can find a learning technology solution for their organisation.

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